Effective May 3, 2018, Lamont County has issued a fire ban. This ban will remain in place until further notice. ALL FIRE PERMITS ARE SUSPENDED EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. Propane Barbeques will be allowed for cooking purposes only. And MUST be attended to at all times while in use. No burn barrels, No warming fires, No outdoor burning is permitted during this fire ban

Online Fire Permit System

Lamont County uses an online fire permit request system.

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Lamont County Alert System

The Lamont County Alert System will issue messages about emergency alerts. This is any event which is considered an immediate threat to the safety and well-being of some/all Lamont County residents.

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Alberta Fire Bans

The current Lamont County Fire Ban status will be located on this website. To find out more information about fire bans in other parts of Alberta, click below.

Alberta Fire Bans